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There are some real benefits to repairing your phones as opposed to replacing it. hopefully I can show you why. For starters, why would anyone spend hundreds replacing their broken cellphone when they can get it fixed for a fraction of the price? And without any loss to the original functionality of the phone. Or maybe, you don’t know cellphones can be effectively repaired? It’s true that smartphones have become a lot smaller and lot more complicated but so have the technicians fixing them!  Most of the damaged cellphones are repairable, only if you were to ask the right questions.

A smartphone can be an expensive investment, and considering the frequency of its use and how fragile they are, it may turn out to be quite a headache of an investment too. A typical smartphone could cost as much as 1500 dollars! Honestly that is one expensive piece of equipment. Our devices, for most, is used to run large corporations, used to keep us informed with the latest news, help us keep in touch with our family and friends, so please don’t just throw it away. Luckily in the case of a break don’t fret, be calm test your phone out to see what functionality you are missing, and contact your local NanoTech Cellphone repair shop. These guys know their stuff, they have the necessary equipment and tools, combined with years of experience, you just can’t go wrong. Save your money don’t just opt out of your contract and end up paying hundreds in fees, get it fixed!

Another benefit to repairing your cellphone besides financial, is its negative impact on our environment. You may not know it, but cellphones contribute to environmental waste in a huge way.

How, you ask?

Cellphones components contain some heavy metals like nickel, mercury, lead etc., which are very toxic and are acidic when exposed to environmental natural forces. Here are a few of the elements of cellphones and their acidic metals and compounds:

  • Batteries – contains cadmium and nickel
  • Crystal displays – contains mercury
  • Circuit boards – nickel, lead and beryllium.

So, lets all do our part to save our planet! One Cellphone at time..

Now let’s talk convenience. Earlier we spoke of how important our phones are to our daily lives. We use them to govern everything from our companies to our families! Now because of all that usage we all have accumulated a large amount of data, all of which are stored on those itty bitty device. Most of us rely on our phones in a huge way, I for one don’t remember anyone’s phone number! And rely on my phone to send me notifications on meetings and appointments. If my phone breaks my week and possibly month goes with it! That’s good enough reason than any to have your phone repaired. Just think of it having your phone repaired is a much more incising way to go about it. And besides “Why Replace It When You Can Fix It!”


Now be proud that you are fixing your cellphone!