Samsung Galaxy S6 (32GB) Pre-Owned Unlocked


Condition: Pre-Owned – Grade B

Status: Unlocked

Regina – Avonhurst Location: 1
Regina – East Location: 0
Saskatoon – 51st Street Location: 0
Saskatoon – Central Ave Location: 0


-With the worlds first octa-core 64 bit operating system, you can experience true multi-
tasking across a variety of productivity applications, keeping you and your business
moving at the top of your game. The Galaxy S6 enables seamless connection with line-
of-business applications through enterprise-ready features.

-Don’t let your business come to a stop when your battery runs out on your mobile. Stay
connected anywhere, anytime. The Galaxy S6 has ultra fast and wireless charging,
keeping you and your business going at all times.

-The luminescent Gorilla Glass 4 body, elegant curves and expressive colours of the
Galaxy S6 elevate you above the crowd and help define your progressive style.
-Enrich your mobile business experience with the Galaxy S6’s crisp 5.1′; WQHD (2560 x
1440) Super AMOLED display. View business documents, figures and capture text with
ease on a display that improves your business experience.

-Only available on Samsung Android, KNOX 2.4 brings defense-grade security and
privacy to your smartphone. Using the intuitive Smart Manager™ widget, protect your
hardware and business content with built-in Anti-Malware and KNOX Active Protection
device security.

-Has a powerful 16.0 MP camera and advanced autofocus system to capture fast, clear
photos with great accuracy and detail. From white board documents in low-lit
conference rooms to barcodes in dark warehouse, you will get the image results you