iPod 4th Generation Battery Replacement


We repair and replace faulty iPod 4th Generation batteries. If your iPod 4th Generation takes longer to

charge, the power drains quickly or quicker than normal or the battery becomes deformed or

hot, then it’s likely that the battery needs replacing. Time is crucial with batteries, as usually

when one part of the battery fails it leads to more stress on the other components and can affect

the performance of the iPod 4th Generation. Our trained technicians will replace the battery and

clean the charging port, fully test and then return your device in excellent working condition.


– Avoid doing too many mid charges on the device.

– If cable length increases, the power that reaches to the phone will decrease.

– The battery will die if left to charge for a long time.

– Average battery, after charging 1000 times will have less than 50 percent life left. So it will

require replacing every 3 years.

– Cables with fancy lights on them consume more power, which your device needs.

– Do not leave the phone outside. If left outside at below zero degrees do not charge it right

away. Let it come back to room temperature.

– Phone batteries do not like cold or very hot weather.

– Do not leave the screen exposed to the sun on hot days.