iPhone 4s Water Damage


WATER DAMAGE This is one of our diagnostic services which will try to restore your device back to it’s original working order if it has been water or liquid damaged. THIS IS A DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE!
Our trained technicians will open up the iPhone 4S, clean all components affected by the liquid damage and fully sterilize the hardware. Please keep in mind that this is not a repair but a diagnostic service. Once our trained technicians have cleaned and sterilized your iPhone 4S we will then contact you regarding the faults and which repairs need to be done in order to get your iPhone 4S back to full working order. You do not have to go ahead with the suggested repairs, we can send the device back after the cleaning and diagnostic service if you prefer. Liquid damage can have a lasting effect and can continuously cause problems to the device. After cleaning the entire device and repairing the faults found in our diagnostics we have no control over what the liquid may damage in future circumstances, therefore, this is NOT covered under our warranty policy. We cannot promise that your device will be repaired after we diagnose the fault, although 97% of diagnosed water damaged devices are repaired. The diagnostic service is non-refundable and repair may take up to 1 to 7 days.
If the iPhone 4S does not work we will try our best to save the DATA on the phone.
Please do not charge or sync the device even if the device is left in rice or dried out. If the device is not charged and shut down immediately after the liquid damage, it will have a higher chance of working. *RICE DOES NOT WORK ON WATER DAMAGED DEVICES*

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