Apple iPhone 6 Caseco Codex 360 Rotary Flip Series Case


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Protect your iPhone 6 Plus with the new Codex 360°. The Codex 360° is unlike any other case on the market—stylish and protective. A secure magnetic cover closure and a soft lined interior protects your iPhone 6 Plus screen when on the move.


Open the soft case and close it behind the phone. Boom, or should we say, Snap! The two flaps snap together, giving you a perfect stand for placing your iPhone on a table or any flat surface.


With the Codex 360° set in its standing position, you have a rock-solid, hands-free, landscape or portrait view—it’s up to you! The hinge doesn’t lock so you can set whatever angle you like best.

Magnetic Flap

The Codex 360°’s outer case features a unique magnetic flap. Snap it in the back when using your iPhone, snap it in the front when you’re on the move, secure and good to go!

Textured Outer Cover

The textured outer cover is made with a leather feel, protecting your iPhone from dust and scratches. Access to the earphone jack and side buttons are provided with the cover closed. To take pictures, simply pull down the back flap and snap away!

Hard Inner Case

The hard inner case is mounted on the outer cover, and its precision mold gives you access to all your iPhone’s features. The case is so thin, it hardly adds any size or weight.