Trident-Adaptive Modular System for the Iphone 4 / 4s

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The Trident Kraken AMS Case falls into the latter category. Its base is a multi-layer protective case, and it also features several modular add-on attachments that allow the user to customize the case to their particular activities. The Kraken Case concept is similar to the Otterbox Defender, the Griffin Survivor, and other rugged, uber-tough style cases in that it consists of multi-layer protection for a smartphone. However, unlike many of the more popular tough cases, the Kraken Case’s outermost layer is a hard plastic shell, while its innermost layer is a soft silicone skin. This will be described in detail below. One thing to note is that, like many of the “tough” cases, while the Kraken Case is fairly water resistant, it is NOT waterproof.


•Kraken A.M.S. features a three-in-one case, transforming a heavy-duty Kraken A.M.S. case to a light-weight Perseus case. Built-in screen protector provides the ultimate screen protection.
•Silicone is on the inside, with a hardened polycarbonate exterior, providing outstanding protection against impacts. Kraken A.M.S. features a hard exterior making it less susceptible to wear and tear.
•Built-in media stand allows convenient and hands free viewing from multiple angles. Removable belt-clip/holster provides security and easy access to your device.
•Meets Military Standard MIL-STD-810F: vibration, dust, sand, rain, drop (Independently Tested).