We provide prompt, expert repair and care for all your mobile devices & and laptop/desktop, so you can stay connected to the things that matter most to you.

Nanotech Professional Smartphone Repair is Canada’s go-to store for quick, professional cell phone repair that lasts. In most incidents, our team of smartphone and tablet technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and fix the issue on the spot while you wait.

Is your iPhone screen cracked? Has the battery of your mobile phone left you hanging? Your microphone is damaged, or you spilled water over your iPad? Our technicians can fix it all on-site with valuable parts and expert labor. There’s no need to book an appointment or to mail your device to a distant service center. Just drop by any of our stores near you in Canada and we’ll diagnose the issue, provide a free personalized quote, and repair your device while you wait.

Thanks to our growing chain of stores and trained & certified technicians across Canada, you can expect a top-notch tablet and smartphone repair at any of our locations in Canada. With 180 days warranty on all of our premium quality parts and labor, our repair service is as fast as it is reliable. You can stop by any of our locations in Canada to get you reconnected to what matters most. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you get the best out of your mobile device each and every day.


Expertise & Quality

Expert technician premium quality parts

Prompt Diagnosis

Prompt quote and diagnosis in case of damage or breakdown. In case of any major water damage, the diagnosis may be longer.

180 days Warranty

Our work is backed by 180 days warranty

Data Security Guarantee

Our fully certified technicians will always respect and protect your data


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