The Rice Trick doesn’t work by itself. Rice only will try to take the water that has contact, because electronics have been enclosed really tightly, rice has less effect on it.

We are here to help with water damaged items.

What to do when the item is water damage:
Step 1 –> Take the battery out. If not possible make sure it's turned off.
Step 2 –> Dry the phone with blow dryer, paper towel and put in rice in mean time.
Step 3 –> Do not plug the device to power or try to charge it.
Step 4 –> Bring the item to us.

The success rate drops when user tries to charge the phone or power it up.


If the item requires additional parts. We will charge just minimum charge and part repair cost.


Water Damage iPhone worked, but needs a battery.

iPhone 6 battery = $100

Min charge for water cleaning = $40

Total cost will be $140


Services   Price
Minimum Charge   $40
Fix 100%   $100



Services   Price
Minimum Charge   $60
Fix 100%   $140