Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Commuter Series Case


The Commuter Series Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case is the perfect combination of protection and style that will help keep your device looking great. The synthetic rubber slip cover and polycarbonate shell work together to provide tough protection for your busy, on-the-go life. The included self-adhering screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes to keep your beautiful display blemish-free.




• Self-adhering clear screen protector • Durable silicone skin • High-quality polycarbonate outer shell






Samsung: Galaxy Note 3

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Built with your hectic life in mind, the Commuter Series Samsung Galaxy S4 case provides protection against oopsies and accidents without being too bulky for your pocket or purse. The Commuter Series offers two layers of protection. The durable silicone inner layer snugly cushions and absorbs the Galaxy S4 from impact while the polycarbonate outer layer provides solid impact protection without being too big or bulky. Silicone plugs cover the main openings of the Galaxy S4, including the volume controls, power button, headphone jack and charging port. The Galaxy S4 Commuter Series case maintains complete functionality of the device so you can stay connected while being protected.
• Clear self-adhering screen protector prevents scratches (comes with screen cleaning cloth and bubble squeegee)
• Durable silicone inner layer snugly cushions device against impact
• Sturdy polycarbonate outer layer provides smooth yet solid impact protection without being too bulky in your purse or pocket