Blackberry Bold Tough Trident Kraken 2 Series Case

$54.99 $14.99


Kraken II-BlackBerry-9930 (Compatible with 9900)Hardened Polycarbonate The tough outer-casing provides a stylish and rugged surface for maximum protection. Impact-Resistant Silicone The double-thick silicone corners, along with anti-skid pads, protect the device from accidents. Re-Applicable Screen Protector The screen protector prevents scratches to keep the device in great condition. Silicone Plugs Power ports and audio jacks are covered with silicone, keeping out dirt and debris. Dust Filters High-quality dust filters prevent unwanted dust and debris from entering the device. Charm Attachment Charm attachments are included to accommodate key chains and other accessories. Belt Clip/Holster The Belt Clip/Holster provides security and easy access to the device.

  • Impact-Resistant Silicone
  • Hardened Polycarbonate
  • Belt Clip/Holster
  • Re-Applicable Screen Protector