Frequently Asked Questions

What can we fix?

We repair all Cellphones and Computer Software and hardware problems.


When do I need to get my computer a Tune-up?
A computer system will usually require a tune-up if:
• It seems to be a little sluggish or finicky.
• It is complaining of a virus and you are having a hard time getting rid of it.
• It is overrun with malware/spyware.


What if I have a bunch of different viruses or root kits on my computer?
We suggest that you get windows re-installed. That way you know your computer is safe and it will take much less time, will be less costly, and your computer will perform much better.


What about my data? Will I lose all my files when you re-install Windows?
As part of our Windows re-install, we will automatically back up your “My Documents” folder on your computer. This is where many people save their files. However, if you are still concerned about losing files on your computer, we can do a deep scan to find your entire collection of pictures, MP3s, documents, and whatever other files you tell us you do not want to lose.


What if there are hardware problems causing my computer to crash or hang?
It is most common to see 2 hours of shop time to diagnose such problems plus any replacement hardware costs. It is normally necessary to re-install Windows as a result of some hardware failure.


When do I need to get Windows re-installed on my computer?
A computer will often require a re-installation of windows when:
• You are having problems with your computer’s drivers that are not resolved by updates.
• Software on your computer stops working and reinstalling the software doesn’t fix the problem.
• There are cascading viruses that install another virus when you remove the original one.
• Your computer has been compromised with a Root Kit.


Why choose Nanotech?

Easy, we are the best. Nanotech is not just a business, we're family. Locally owned and managed, you can ensure we will take care of all your problems. We do our best to keep all our customers happy. If you are not fully satisfied please do not hesitate to let us know.


What kind of parts do you use?

All parts used at any of our stores are Grade ‘A’ parts. What does this mean? Simple, it is the best in the market. Be weary of people who try to falsify there products. iPhone parts are by far the easiest to find and also the easiest to copy. Don’t fall for second best, come to the pros.


Do you offer warranty?

Sure do! We have the best warranty in the business. We offer 90 days parts and labor warranty and a lifetime warranty on our Clear Coat Screen protectors. Of course with any part replacement we do not cover physical damage, however if you did happen to break it again please come back to us for your next repair and ask us for a discount.


What is an LCD?

An LCD, or liquid crystal display, is referred to the display portion of you screen. It is the part that displays your phone content on the screen.


What is a Digitizer?

A Digitizer is referred to the touch portion of your screen. Most phones these days carry a digitizer, it is used to register touch gestures to perform the needed task on your device.


What is a top glass?

Some phones also have a top glass portion of their screen. Most Samsung and IPhone products carry a Top Glass, and most of the time it is manufactured by Gorilla Glass. In many instances the top screen of your phone or tablet is replaceable. Ask one of our associates.